L-Lysine 6-Transaminase


2-Oxoglutarate 6-Aminotransferase, Lysine

6-Aminotransferase, Lysine

6-Aminotransferase, Lysine 2-Oxoglutarate

6-Transaminase, L-Lysine

Aminotransferase, Lysine-epsilon

L Lysine 6 Transaminase

Lysine 2 Oxoglutarate 6 Aminotransferase

Lysine 2-Oxoglutarate 6-Aminotransferase

Lysine 6 Aminotransferase

Lysine 6-Aminotransferase

Lysine epsilon Aminotransferase

Lysine epsilon Transaminase

Lysine epsilon-Transaminase


Lysine-epsilon Aminotransferase

epsilon-Transaminase, Lysine

A PYRIDOXAL PHOSPHATE containing enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of amino group of L-LYSINE onto 2-oxoglutarate to generate 2-aminoadipate 6-semialdehyde and L-GLUTAMATE.