Latex Hypersensitivity


Allergies, Latex

Allergies, Rubber

Allergies, Rubber Latex

Allergy, Latex

Allergy, Rubber

Allergy, Rubber Latex

Hypersensitivities, Latex

Hypersensitivity, Latex

Latex Allergies

Latex Allergy

Latex Hypersensitivities

Natural Rubber Latex Allergy

Rubber Allergies

Rubber Allergy

Rubber Latex Allergies

Rubber Latex Allergy

Allergic reaction to products containing processed natural rubber latex such as rubber gloves, condoms, catheters, dental dams, balloons, and sporting equipment. Both T-cell mediated (HYPERSENSITIVITY, DELAYED) and IgE antibody-mediated (HYPERSENSITIVITY, IMMEDIATE) allergic responses are possible. Delayed hypersensitivity results from exposure to antioxidants present in the rubber; immediate hypersensitivity results from exposure to a latex protein.