Leishmania guyanensis


Leishmania (Viannia) guyanensis

Leishmania (Viannia) panamensis

Leishmania brasiliensis guyanenses

Leishmania brasiliensis guyanensis

Leishmania braziliensis guyanenses

Leishmania braziliensis guyanensis

Leishmania guyanenses

Leishmania guyanensis guyanenses

Leishmania guyanensis guyanensis

Leishmania viannia guyanenses

Leishmania viannia guyanensis

Leishmania viannia panamenses

Leishmania viannia panamensis

brasiliensis guyanensis, Leishmania

braziliensis guyanenses, Leishmania

guyanenses, Leishmania

guyanenses, Leishmania brasiliensis

guyanenses, Leishmania braziliensis

guyanenses, Leishmania guyanensis

guyanensis guyanensis, Leishmania

guyanensis, Leishmania brasiliensis

guyanensis, Leishmania braziliensis

guyanensis, Leishmania guyanensis

guyanensis, Leishmania viannia

panamenses, Leishmania viannia

viannia guyanenses, Leishmania

viannia guyanensis, Leishmania

viannia panamenses, Leishmania

viannia panamensis, Leishmania

A parasitic hemoflagellate of the subgenus Leishmania viannia that infects man and animals and causes mucocutaneous leishmaniasis (LEISHMANIASIS, MUCOCUTANEOUS). Transmission is by Lutzomyia sandflies.