LEOPARD Syndrome


Cardio Cutaneous Syndrome

Cardio-Cutaneous Syndrome

Cardio-Cutaneous Syndromes

Cardiomyopathic Lentiginoses

Cardiomyopathic Lentiginoses, Progressive

Cardiomyopathic Lentiginosis

Cardiomyopathic Lentiginosis, Progressive

Cardiomyopathic, Lentiginosis

Cardiomyopathics, Lentiginosis

LEOPARD Syndrome, 1

LEOPARD Syndromes

LEOPARD Syndromes, 1

Lentigines Syndrome, Multiple

Lentigines Syndromes, Multiple

Lentiginoses, Cardiomyopathic

Lentiginoses, Progressive Cardiomyopathic

Lentiginosis Cardiomyopathic

Lentiginosis Cardiomyopathics

Lentiginosis, Cardiomyopathic

Lentiginosis, Progressive Cardiomyopathic

Leopard Syndrome 1

Leopard Syndrome 1s

Multiple Lentigines Syndrome

Multiple Lentigines Syndromes

Noonan Syndrome with Multiple Lentigines

Progressive Cardiomyopathic Lentiginoses

Progressive Cardiomyopathic Lentiginosis

Syndrome, Cardio-Cutaneous

Syndrome, LEOPARD

Syndrome, Multiple Lentigines

Syndromes, 1 LEOPARD

Syndromes, Cardio-Cutaneous

Syndromes, LEOPARD

Syndromes, Multiple Lentigines

An autosomal dominant disorder with an acronym of its seven features (LENTIGO; ELECTROCARDIOGRAM abnormalities; ocular HYPERTELORISM; PULMONARY STENOSIS; abnormal genitalia; retardation of growth; and DEAFNESS or SENSORINEURAL HEARING LOSS). This syndrome is caused by mutations of PTPN11 gene encoding the non-receptor PROTEIN TYROSINE PHOSPHATASE, type 11, and is an allelic to NOONAN SYNDROME. Features of LEOPARD syndrome overlap with those of NEUROFIBROMATOSIS 1 which is caused by mutations in the NEUROFIBROMATOSIS 1 GENES.