Leukokeratosis, Hereditary Mucosal


Hereditary Mucosal Leukokeratoses

Hereditary Mucosal Leukokeratosis

Leukokeratoses, Hereditary Mucosal

Mucosal Leukokeratoses, Hereditary

Mucosal Leukokeratosis, Hereditary

White Sponge Nevus of Cannon

An autosomal dominant disorder that is manifested by thickened spongiform ORAL MUCOSA with a white opalescent tint. Other MUCOSAL TISSUE may also be involved mucosa found in the VAGINA; RECTUM, and NASAL CAVITY may be similarly involved. This form of LEUKOKERATOSIS can be caused by a mutation in the gene for KERATIN 4 and is not considered a PRENEOPLASTIC CONDITION.