Lipomatosis, Multiple Symmetrical


Cephalothoracic Lipodystrophies

Cephalothoracic Lipodystrophy

Circumscribed Lipomatoses, Nodular

Circumscribed Lipomatosis, Nodular

Disease, Madelung

Disease, Madelung's

Lipodystrophies, Cephalothoracic

Lipodystrophy, Cephalothoracic

Lipomatoses, Multiple Symmetric

Lipomatoses, Multiple Symmetrical

Lipomatoses, Nodular Circumscribed

Lipomatosis Familial Benign Cervical

Lipomatosis, Familial Benign Cervical

Lipomatosis, Multiple Symmetric

Lipomatosis, Nodular Circumscribed

Madelung Disease

Madelung Neck

Madelung's Disease

Madelung's Neck

Madelungs Disease

Madelungs Neck

Multiple Symmetric Lipomatoses

Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis

Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatoses

Multiple Symmetrical Lipomatosis

Nodular Circumscribed Lipomatoses

Nodular Circumscribed Lipomatosis

Symmetric Lipomatoses, Multiple

Symmetric Lipomatosis, Multiple

Symmetrical Lipomatoses, Multiple

Symmetrical Lipomatosis, Multiple

A condition characterized by the growth of unencapsulated masses of ADIPOSE TISSUE symmetrically deposited around the neck, shoulders, or other sites around the body.