Liver Abscess, Amebic


Abscess, Amebic Liver

Abscess, Amebic, Hepatic

Abscess, Amoebic Hepatic

Abscess, Amoebic Liver

Abscess, Hepatic, Amebic

Abscess, Liver, Amebic

Abscesses, Amebic Liver

Abscesses, Amoebic Hepatic

Abscesses, Amoebic Liver

Amebiasis, Hepatic

Amebic Liver Abscess

Amebic Liver Abscesses

Amoebiasis, Hepatic

Amoebic Hepatic Abscess

Amoebic Hepatic Abscesses

Amoebic Liver Abscess

Amoebic Liver Abscesses

Entamoebiases, Hepatic

Entamoebiasis, Hepatic

Hepatic Abscess, Amoebic

Hepatic Abscesses, Amoebic

Hepatic Amebiasis

Hepatic Amoebiasis

Hepatic Entamoebiases

Hepatic Entamoebiasis

Liver Abscess, Amoebic

Liver Abscesses, Amebic

Liver Abscesses, Amoebic

Single or multiple areas of PUS due to infection by any ameboid protozoa (AMEBIASIS). A common form is caused by the ingestion of ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA.