Luteal Cells


Cell, Granulosa-Luteal

Cell, Granulosa-Lutein

Cell, Large Luteal

Cell, Luteal

Cell, Lutein

Cell, Small Luteal

Cell, Theca-Lutein

Cells, Granulosa-Luteal

Cells, Granulosa-Lutein

Cells, Large Luteal

Cells, Luteal

Cells, Lutein

Cells, Small Luteal

Cells, Theca-Lutein

Granulosa Luteal Cells

Granulosa Lutein Cells

Granulosa-Luteal Cell

Granulosa-Luteal Cells

Granulosa-Lutein Cell

Granulosa-Lutein Cells

Large Luteal Cell

Large Luteal Cells

Luteal Cell

Luteal Cell, Large

Luteal Cell, Small

Luteal Cells, Large

Luteal Cells, Small

Lutein Cell

Lutein Cells

Small Luteal Cell

Small Luteal Cells

Theca Luteal cells

Theca Lutein Cells

Theca-Luteal cell

Theca-Luteal cells

Theca-Lutein Cell

Theca-Lutein Cells

cell, Theca-Luteal

cells, Theca-Luteal

PROGESTERONE-producing cells in the CORPUS LUTEUM. The large luteal cells derive from the GRANULOSA CELLS. The small luteal cells derive from the THECA CELLS.