Lymphoma, Follicular


Brill Symmers Disease

Brill-Symmers Disease

Disease, Brill-Symmers

Follicular Large Cell Lymphoma

Follicular Large-Cell Lymphoma

Follicular Large-Cell Lymphomas

Follicular Lymphoma

Follicular Lymphoma, Giant

Follicular Lymphoma, Grade 1

Follicular Lymphoma, Grade 2

Follicular Lymphoma, Grade 3

Follicular Lymphomas

Follicular Lymphomas, Giant

Follicular Mixed Cell Lymphoma

Follicular Mixed-Cell Lymphoma

Follicular Mixed-Cell Lymphomas

Giant Follicular Lymphoma

Giant Follicular Lymphomas

Histiocytic Lymphoma, Nodular

Histiocytic Lymphomas, Nodular

Large Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Large Lymphoid Lymphoma, Nodular

Large-Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Large-Cell Lymphomas, Follicular

Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Nodular, Poorly Differentiated

Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Nodular, Poorly-Differentiated

Lymphoma, Follicular Large Cell

Lymphoma, Follicular Large-Cell

Lymphoma, Follicular Mixed-Cell

Lymphoma, Follicular, Grade 1

Lymphoma, Follicular, Grade 2

Lymphoma, Follicular, Grade 3

Lymphoma, Follicular, Mixed Cell

Lymphoma, Follicular, Mixed Lymphocytic-Histiocytic

Lymphoma, Follicular, Mixed Small and Large Lymphoid

Lymphoma, Follicular, Small and Large Cleaved Cell

Lymphoma, Follicular, Small and Large Cleaved-Cell

Lymphoma, Giant Follicular

Lymphoma, Histiocytic, Nodular

Lymphoma, Large Cell, Follicular

Lymphoma, Large Lymphoid, Nodular

Lymphoma, Large-Cell, Follicular

Lymphoma, Lymphocytic, Nodular, Poorly Differentiated

Lymphoma, Lymphocytic, Nodular, Poorly-Differentiated

Lymphoma, Mixed-Cell, Follicular

Lymphoma, Nodular

Lymphoma, Nodular Histiocytic

Lymphoma, Nodular, Large Follicular Center Cell

Lymphoma, Nodular, Large Follicular Center-Cell

Lymphoma, Nodular, Mixed Lymphocytic Histiocytic

Lymphoma, Nodular, Mixed Lymphocytic-Histiocytic

Lymphoma, Nodular, Mixed Small and Large Cell

Lymphoma, Small Cleaved Cell, Follicular

Lymphoma, Small Cleaved-Cell, Follicular

Lymphoma, Small Follicular Center Cell

Lymphoma, Small Follicular Center-Cell

Lymphoma, Small Lymphoid, Follicular

Lymphomas, Follicular

Lymphomas, Follicular Large-Cell

Lymphomas, Follicular Mixed-Cell

Lymphomas, Giant Follicular

Lymphomas, Nodular

Lymphomas, Nodular Histiocytic

Mixed Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Mixed-Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Mixed-Cell Lymphomas, Follicular

Nodular Histiocytic Lymphoma

Nodular Histiocytic Lymphomas

Nodular Large Follicular Center Cell Lymphoma

Nodular Large Follicular Center-Cell Lymphoma

Nodular Lymphoma

Nodular Lymphomas

Small Cleaved Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Small Cleaved-Cell Lymphoma, Follicular

Small Follicular Center Cell Lymphoma

Small Follicular Center-Cell Lymphoma

Malignant lymphoma in which the lymphomatous cells are clustered into identifiable nodules within the LYMPH NODES. The nodules resemble to some extent the GERMINAL CENTER of lymph node follicles and most likely represent neoplastic proliferation of lymph node-derived follicular center B-LYMPHOCYTES.