Macrophage-1 Antigen


Adhesive Receptor Mac-1

Adhesive Receptor, Mac-1

Antigen Receptor, Mo1

Antigen, Macrophage-1

CR3 Receptor

Complement 3 Receptor

Glycoprotein Receptor, Mo1

Integrin alpha M beta 2

Integrin alpha(M)beta(2)

Integrin alpha-M beta-2

Integrin alphaMbeta2

Mac 1 Adhesive Receptor

Mac 1 Antigen

Mac 1 Receptor

Mac-1 Adhesive Receptor

Mac-1 Antigen

Mac-1 Receptor

Macrophage 1 Antigen

Mo1 Antigen Receptor

Mo1 Glycoprotein Receptor

Receptor, CR3

Receptor, Complement 3

Receptor, Mac-1 Adhesive

Receptor, Mo1 Antigen

Receptor, Mo1 Glycoprotein

alpha-M beta-2, Integrin

alphaMbeta2, Integrin

An adhesion-promoting leukocyte surface membrane heterodimer. The alpha subunit consists of the CD11b ANTIGEN and the beta subunit the CD18 ANTIGEN. The antigen, which is an integrin, functions both as a receptor for complement 3 and in cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesive interactions.