Mannose-Binding Protein-Associated Serine Proteases


MASP Proteases

MASP Related Protein

MASP-Related Protein


MBL Associated Serine Proteases

MBL-Associated Serine Proteases

MBP Associated Serine Protease

MBP Associated Serine Protease Related Protein

MBP-Associated Serine Protease

MBP-Associated Serine Protease-Related Protein

Mannan Binding Lectin Serine Proteases

Mannan-Binding Lectin Serine Proteases

Mannose Binding Protein Associated Serine Protease

Mannose-Binding Protein-Associated Serine Protease

Proteases, MASP

Protein, MASP-Related

Serine Protease, MBP-Associated

Serine Proteases, MBL-Associated

Serum serine proteases which participate in COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION. They are activated when complexed with the MANNOSE-BINDING LECTIN, therefore also known as Mannose-binding protein-Associated Serine Proteases (MASPs). They cleave COMPLEMENT C4 and COMPLEMENT C2 to form C4b2a, the CLASSICAL PATHWAY C3 CONVERTASE.