Medulla Oblongata


Accessory Cuneate Nucleus

Ambiguous Nucleus

Ambiguus, Nucleus

Arcuate Nucleus 1

Arcuate Nucleus of the Medulla

Arcuate Nucleus-1

Arcuate Nucleus-1s

Cuneate Nucleus, Accessory

Cuneate Nucleus, External

Cuneate Nucleus, Lateral

External Cuneate Nucleus

Lateral Cuneate Nucleus

Medulla Oblongatas

Nucleus Ambiguus

Nucleus, Accessory Cuneate

Nucleus, Ambiguous

Nucleus, External Cuneate

Nucleus, Lateral Cuneate

The lower portion of the BRAIN STEM. It is inferior to the PONS and anterior to the CEREBELLUM. Medulla oblongata serves as a relay station between the brain and the spinal cord, and contains centers for regulating respiratory, vasomotor, cardiac, and reflex activities.