Acquired Meningocele

Acquired Meningoceles

Herniation of Meninges

Herniation, Meningeal

Herniations, Meningeal

Meningeal Herniation

Meningeal Herniations

Meninges Herniation

Meninges Herniations

Meningocele, Acquired

Meningocele, Rudimentary

Meningocele, Traumatic


Meningoceles, Acquired

Meningoceles, Rudimentary

Meningoceles, Traumatic

Rudimentary Meningocele

Rudimentary Meningoceles

Traumatic Meningocele

Traumatic Meningoceles

A congenital or acquired protrusion of the meninges, unaccompanied by neural tissue, through a bony defect in the skull or vertebral column.