Mesophyll Cells


Cell, Mesophyll

Cell, Palisade Parenchyma

Cell, Spongy Mesophyll

Cells, Mesophyll

Cells, Palisade Parenchyma

Cells, Spongy Mesophyll

Mesophyll Cell

Mesophyll Cell, Spongy

Mesophyll Cells, Spongy

Palisade Parenchyma Cell

Palisade Parenchyma Cells

Parenchyma Cell, Palisade

Parenchyma Cells, Palisade

Spongy Mesophyll Cell

Spongy Mesophyll Cells

Large and highly vacuolated cells possessing many chloroplasts occuring in the interior cross-section of leaves, juxtaposed between the epidermal layers.