Metal Ceramic Alloys


Alloy, Metal Ceramic

Alloy, Metallo-Ceramic

Alloy, Metalloceramic

Alloys, Metal Ceramic

Alloys, Metallo-Ceramic

Alloys, Metalloceramic

Alloys, Porcelain-Metal

Metal Ceramic Alloy

Metal Ceramic Restorations

Metallo Ceramic Alloy

Metallo Ceramic Alloys

Metallo-Ceramic Alloy

Metallo-Ceramic Alloys

Metalloceramic Alloy

Metalloceramic Alloys

Porcelain Metal Alloys

Porcelain-Metal Alloys

Restorations, Metal Ceramic

The fusion of ceramics (porcelain) to an alloy of two or more metals for use in restorative and prosthodontic dentistry. Examples of metal alloys employed include cobalt-chromium, gold-palladium, gold-platinum-palladium, and nickel-based alloys.