Microsatellite Repeats


Marker, Microsatellite

Markers, Microsatellite


Microsatellite Marker

Microsatellite Markers

Microsatellite Repeat


Pentanucleotide Repeat

Pentanucleotide Repeats

Repeat, Microsatellite

Repeat, Pentanucleotide

Repeat, Short Tandem

Repeat, Simple Sequence

Repeat, Tetranucleotide

Repeats, Microsatellite

Repeats, Pentanucleotide

Repeats, Short Tandem

Repeats, Simple Sequence

Repeats, Tetranucleotide

Repetitive Sequence, Simple

Repetitive Sequences, Simple

Sequence Repeat, Simple

Sequence Repeats, Simple

Sequence, Simple Repetitive

Sequences, Simple Repetitive

Short Tandem Repeat

Short Tandem Repeats

Simple Repetitive Sequence

Simple Repetitive Sequences

Simple Sequence Repeat

Simple Sequence Repeats

Tandem Repeat, Short

Tandem Repeats, Short

Tetranucleotide Repeat

Tetranucleotide Repeats

A variety of simple repeat sequences that are distributed throughout the GENOME. They are characterized by a short repeat unit of 2-8 basepairs that is repeated up to 100 times. They are also known as short tandem repeats (STRs).