Microscopy, Scanning Tunneling


Microscopies, Scanning Tunneling

Microscopies, Scanning Tunnelling

Microscopy, Scanning Tunnelling

Scanning Tunneling Microscopies

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopies

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy

Tunneling Microscopies, Scanning

Tunneling Microscopy, Scanning

Tunnelling Microscopies, Scanning

Tunnelling Microscopy, Scanning

A type of scanning probe microscopy in which a very sharp conducting needle is swept just a few angstroms above the surface of a sample. The tiny tunneling current that flows between the sample and the needle tip is measured, and from this are produced three-dimensional topographs. Due to the poor electron conductivity of most biological samples, thin metal coatings are deposited on the sample.