Monocarboxylic Acid Transporters


Acid Transporters, Monocarboxylic

Erythrocyte Lactate Transporter

Erythrocyte Lactate Transporters

Lactate Translocase

Lactate Transport Protein

Lactate Transport Proteins

Lactate Transporter

Lactate Transporter, Erythrocyte

Lactate Transporters, Erythrocyte

MCT Proteins

Monocarboxylate Translocator

Monocarboxylic Acid Transport Protein

Monocarboxylic Acid Transport Proteins

Translocase, Lactate

Translocator, Monocarboxylate

Transport Protein, Lactate

Transport Proteins, Lactate

Transporter, Erythrocyte Lactate

Transporter, Lactate

Transporters, Erythrocyte Lactate

Transporters, Monocarboxylic Acid

A family of proteins involved in the transport of monocarboxylic acids such as LACTIC ACID and PYRUVIC ACID across cellular membranes.