Antigen CA 15 3

Antigen CA-15-3

Antigen, CA 15-3

Antigen, CA 15.3

Antigen, CA-15-3

Antigen, CD227

Antigen, Epithelial Membrane

Antigens, CD227

CA 15 3 Antigen

CA 15-3 Antigen

CA 15.3 Antigen

CA-15-3 Antigen

CA-15-3, Antigen

CD227 Antigen

CD227 Antigens


Epithelial Membrane Antigen

Epithelial Mucin, Polymorphic

Membrane Antigen, Epithelial

Muc1 Mucin

Mucin 1

Mucin, Muc1

Mucin, Polymorphic Epithelial

Polymorphic Epithelial Mucin

Carbohydrate antigen elevated in patients with tumors of the breast, ovary, lung, and prostate as well as other disorders. The mucin is expressed normally by most glandular epithelia but shows particularly increased expression in the breast at lactation and in malignancy. It is thus an established serum marker for breast cancer.