Munc18 Proteins


Munc 18 Proteins

Munc-18 Proteins

Munc-18b Protein

Munc18 Syntaxin Binding Proteins

Munc18-1 Protein

Munc18-2 Protein

Munc18-3 Protein

Munc18a Protein

Munc18b Protein

Munc18c Protein

Sec1 Munc18 Protein Family

Sec1-Munc18 Protein Family

Syntaxin Binding Protein Munc18

A family of proteins involved in intracellular membrane trafficking. They interact with SYNTAXINS and play important roles in vesicular docking and fusion during EXOCYTOSIS. Their name derives from the fact that they are related to Unc-18 protein, C elegans.