Cytomegalovirus, Mouse

Cytomegalovirus, Murine

Cytomegalovirus, Rat

Cytomegaloviruses, Mouse

Cytomegaloviruses, Murine

Cytomegaloviruses, Rat

Herpesvirus 1 (beta), Murid

Herpesvirus 1, Murid

Herpesvirus 2, Murid

Mouse Cytomegalovirus

Mouse Cytomegaloviruses

Murid Herpesvirus 1

Murid Herpesvirus 2

Murine Cytomegalovirus

Murine Cytomegaloviruses


Rat Cytomegalovirus

Rat Cytomegaloviruses

A genus of the family HERPESVIRIDAE, subfamily BETAHERPESVIRINAE, causing infection involving several organs in mice and rats. Murid herpesvirus is the type species.