Muscle Hypotonia


Decreased Muscle Tone

Flaccid Muscle Tone

Flaccidity, Muscle

Flaccidity, Muscular

Floppy Muscle

Floppy Muscles



Hypotonia, Muscle

Hypotonia, Muscular

Hypotonia, Neonatal

Hypotonia, Unilateral

Hypotonias, Neonatal

Hypotonias, Unilateral

Hypotony, Muscle

Muscle Flaccidity

Muscle Hypotony

Muscle Tone Atonic

Muscle Tone Atonics

Muscle Tone Poor

Muscle Tone, Decreased

Muscle Tone, Flaccid

Muscle, Floppy

Muscles, Floppy

Muscular Flaccidities

Muscular Flaccidity

Muscular Hypotonia

Neonatal Hypotonia

Neonatal Hypotonias

Tone Atonic, Muscle

Tone Poor, Muscle

Unilateral Hypotonia

A diminution of the skeletal muscle tone marked by a diminished resistance to passive stretching.