Infectious Myelitis

Inflammation, Spinal Cord

Inflammations, Spinal Cord

Inflammatory Myelopathies

Inflammatory Myelopathy


Myelitis, Infectious

Myelitis, Subacute Necrotising

Myelopathies, Inflammatory

Myelopathy, Inflammatory

Necrotising Myelitis, Subacute

Spinal Cord Inflammation

Spinal Cord Inflammations

Subacute Necrotising Myelitis

Inflammation of the spinal cord. Relatively common etiologies include infections; AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES; SPINAL CORD; and ischemia (see also SPINAL CORD VASCULAR DISEASES). Clinical features generally include weakness, sensory loss, localized pain, incontinence, and other signs of autonomic dysfunction.