Antigen, C-ANCA

Autoantigen, Wegener

Azurophil Granule Protein 7

C ANCA Antigen

C-ANCA Antigen

Human Myeloblastin

Leukocyte Proteinase 3

Myeloblastin, Human

N Proteinase 4

N-Proteinase 4

Neutrophil Proteinase 3

Neutrophil Proteinase 3, Human

Neutrophil Proteinase 4

PRTN3 Gene Protein

Protein, PRTN3 Gene

Proteinase 3

Proteinase 3, Leukocyte

Proteinase 3, Neutrophil

Proteinase 4, Neutrophil

Wegener Autoantigen

A polymorphonuclear leukocyte-derived serine protease that degrades proteins such as ELASTIN; FIBRONECTIN; LAMININ; VITRONECTIN; and COLLAGEN. It is named for its ability to control myeloid cell growth and differentiation.