Natriuretic Peptide, Brain


B-Type Natriuretic Peptide

BNP 32

BNP Gene Product


Brain Natriuretic Peptide

Brain Natriuretic Peptide 32

Brain Natriuretic Peptide-32


Natriuretic Factor 32

Natriuretic Factor-32

Natriuretic Peptide Type B

Natriuretic Peptide Type-B

Natriuretic Peptide, B-Type

Natriuretic Peptide, Type-B

Natriuretic Peptide-32, Brain

Natriuretic factor, brain


Peptide, Brain Natriuretic

Peptide-32, Brain Natriuretic

Type B Natriuretic Peptide

Type-B Natriuretic Peptide

Ventricular Natriuretic Peptide, B type

Ventricular Natriuretic Peptide, B-type

A PEPTIDE that is secreted by the BRAIN and the HEART ATRIA, stored mainly in cardiac ventricular MYOCARDIUM. It can cause NATRIURESIS; DIURESIS; VASODILATION; and inhibits secretion of RENIN and ALDOSTERONE. It improves heart function. It contains 32 AMINO ACIDS.