Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy


Closure, Vacuum-Assisted

Closures, Vacuum-Assisted

Dressing, Negative-Pressure

Dressings, Negative-Pressure

Negative Pressure Dressings

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative-Pressure Dressing

Negative-Pressure Dressings

Negative-Pressure Therapies, Topical

Negative-Pressure Therapy, Topical

Negative-Pressure Wound Therapies

Therapies, Negative-Pressure Wound

Therapies, Topical Negative-Pressure

Therapy, Negative-Pressure Wound

Therapy, Topical Negative-Pressure

Topical Negative Pressure Therapy

Topical Negative-Pressure Therapies

Topical Negative-Pressure Therapy

Vacuum Assisted Closure

Vacuum-Assisted Closure

Vacuum-Assisted Closures

Wound Therapies, Negative-Pressure

Wound Therapy, Negative-Pressure

The application of a vacuum across the surface of a wound through a foam dressing cut to fit the wound. This removes wound exudates, reduces build-up of inflammatory mediators, and increases the flow of nutrients to the wound thus promoting healing.