Nephritis, Hereditary


Alport Syndrome

Alport Syndrome, Autosomal Dominant

Alport Syndrome, Autosomal Recessive

Alport Syndrome, X Linked

Alport Syndrome, X-Linked

Alport's Syndrome

Congenital Hereditary Hematuria

Familial Nephritis

Hematuria Nephropathy Deafness Syndrome

Hematuria, Congenital Hereditary

Hematuria-Nephropathy-Deafness Syndrome

Hematuric Hereditary Nephritis

Hemorrhagic Familial Nephritis

Hemorrhagic Hereditary Nephritis

Hereditary Familial Congenital Hemorrhagic Nephritis

Hereditary Hematuria Syndrome

Hereditary Interstitial Pyelonephritis

Hereditary Nephritis

Nephritis, Familial

Nephritis, Hematuric Hereditary

Nephritis, Hemorrhagic Familial

Nephritis, Hemorrhagic Hereditary

Pyelonephritis, Hereditary Interstitial

Syndrome, Alport

Syndrome, Hematuria-Nephropathy-Deafness

X-Linked Alport Syndrome

A group of inherited conditions characterized initially by HEMATURIA and slowly progressing to RENAL INSUFFICIENCY. The most common form is the Alport syndrome (hereditary nephritis with HEARING LOSS) which is caused by mutations in genes for TYPE IV COLLAGEN and defective GLOMERULAR BASEMENT MEMBRANE.