Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1


CALL Protein

CamL1 Gene Product

Cell Adhesion Molecule L1

Cell Surface Glycoprotein L1

F11 Glycoprotein

Glycoprotein, NGF-Inducible

Glycoprotein, NILE

L1 Cell Adhesion Molecule


NGF Inducible Glycoprotein

NGF-Inducible Glycoprotein

NILE Glycoprotein

NILE Protein

Nerve Growth Factor Inducible Large External Glycoprotein

Nerve Growth Factor-Inducible Large External Glycoprotein

Neural Adhesion Molecule L1

A member of the immunoglobulin superfamily of neuronal cell adhesion molecules that is required for proper nervous system development. Neural cell adhesion molecule L1 consists of six Ig domains, five fibronectin domains, a transmembrane region and an intracellular domain. Two splicing variants are known: a neuronal form that contains a four-amino acid RSLE sequence in the cytoplasmic domain, and a non-neuronal form that lacks the RSLE sequence. Mutations in the L1 gene result in L1 disease. Neural cell adhesion molecule L1 is predominantly expressed during development in neurons and Schwann cells; involved in cell adhesion, neuronal migration, axonal growth and pathfinding, and myelination.