A5 Antigen

Antigen, A5

NRP1 Protein

Neuropilin 1

Npn 1 Protein

Npn-1 Protein

Receptor, Sema III

Sema III Receptor

Semaphorin III Receptor

A dimeric cell surface receptor involved in angiogenesis (NEOVASCULARIZATION, PHYSIOLOGICAL) and AXONAL GUIDANCE. Neuropilin-1 is a 140-kDa transmembrane protein that binds CLASS 3 SEMAPHORINS, and several other growth factors. Neuropilin-1 forms complexes with plexins or VEGF RECEPTORS; their binding affinity and specificity are determined by the composition of the neuropilin dimer and the identity of other receptors complexed with it. Neuropilin-1 is expressed in distinct patterns during neural development, complementary to those described for NEUROPILIN-2.