NF-kappa B p52 Subunit


H2TF1, Transcription Factor

NF kappa B p100 Precursor Protein

NF kappa B p52 Subunit

NF kappaB p52

NF kappaB p52 Subunit

NF kappaB2

NF kappaB2 p100

NF-kappa B p100 Precursor Protein

NF-kappaB p52

NF-kappaB p52 Subunit


NF-kappaB2 p100

NFKB2 Transcription Factor

NK kappa B p52

NK-kappa B p52

Transcription Factor H2TF1

Transcription Factor, NFKB2

p100, NF-kappaB2

p52, NK-kappa B

A component of NF-kappa B transcription factor. It is proteolytically processed from NF-kappa B p100 precursor protein and is important for maturation of B-LYMPHOCYTES and adaptive HUMORAL IMMUNITY.