Nicolau Syndrome


Cutis Medicamentosa, Embolia

Dermatitides, Livedo-like

Dermatitis, Livedo-like

Dermatitis, Nicolau Livedoid

Embolia Cutis Medicamentosa

Livedo like Dermatitis

Livedo-like Dermatitides

Livedo-like Dermatitis

Livedoid Dermatitis, Nicolau

Livedoid Syndrome, Nicolau's

Medicamentosa, Embolia Cutis

Nicolau Livedoid Dermatitis

Nicolau Livedoid Syndrome

Nicolau's Livedoid Syndrome

Nicolau's Syndrome

Nicolaus Livedoid Syndrome

Nicolaus Syndrome

Syndrome, Nicolau

Syndrome, Nicolau's

Syndrome, Nicolau's Livedoid

An uncommon complication of INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION leading to variable degrees of necrosis of skin and underlying tissue.