NIMA-Related Kinases


Kinases, NEK

Kinases, NEK Family

Kinases, NIMA Family

Kinases, NIMA-Related

Kinases, Never-in-Mitosis A

NEK Family Kinases

NEK Kinases

NIMA Family Kinases

NIMA Protein Kinase

NIMA Related Kinases

NIMA Related Protein Kinase

NIMA-Related Protein Kinase

Never in Mitosis A Kinases

Never-in-Mitosis A Kinases

A highly-conserved family of protein serine-threonine kinases that regulate the CELL CYCLE; MITOSIS; and the response to DNA DAMAGE. They are also involved in the assembly and function of microtubule-based structures such as CILIA and CENTRIOLES.