NLR Proteins


NLR Protein

NOD like Receptors

NOD-like Receptors

Nucleotide binding Domain Leucine rich Repeat Proteins

Nucleotide-binding Domain Leucine-rich Repeat Proteins

Protein, NLR

Proteins, NLR

Receptors, NOD-like

Intracellular signaling proteins that are defined by the presence of a NUCLEOTIDE-binding region and LEUCINE-rich repeats. Their general structure consists of any of a variety of effector domains at their N-termini such as a caspase recruitment domain (CARD), a central nucleotide-binding domain, and a variable number of C-terminal leucine-rich repeats. They are important for pathogen recognition in the INNATE IMMUNE RESPONSE of animals and plants. Members of the NLR protein family include the NOD SIGNALING ADAPTOR PROTEINS.