Olfactory Cortex


Amygdala, Cortical

Amygdalas, Cortical

Anterior Olfactory Nucleus

Brain, Olfactory

Brains, Olfactory

Cortex, Lateral Entorhineal

Cortex, Olfactory

Cortex, Primary Olfactory

Cortical Amygdala

Cortical Amygdalas

Cortices, Lateral Entorhineal

Cortices, Primary Olfactory

Entorhineal Cortex, Lateral

Entorhineal Cortices, Lateral

Lateral Entorhineal Cortex

Lateral Entorhineal Cortices

Lobe, Olfactory

Lobes, Olfactory

Nucleus, Anterior Olfactory

Olfactoria, Regio

Olfactorias, Regio

Olfactory Brain

Olfactory Brains

Olfactory Cortex, Primary

Olfactory Cortices, Primary

Olfactory Lobe

Olfactory Lobes

Olfactory Nucleus, Anterior

Olfactory Peduncle

Olfactory Peduncles



Peduncle, Olfactory

Peduncles, Olfactory

Primary Olfactory Cortex

Primary Olfactory Cortices

Regio Olfactoria

Regio Olfactorias



Basal forebrain and medial part of temporal lobe areas that receive synaptic inputs from the OLFACTORY BULB.