Olfactory Nerve


Cranial Nerve I

Cranial Nerve Is

Cranial Nerve, First

Cranial Nerves, First

Fila Olfactoria

Fila Olfactorias

Fila, Olfactory

Filas, Olfactory

First Cranial Nerve

First Cranial Nerves

Is, Cranial Nerve

Nerve I, Cranial

Nerve Is, Cranial

Nerve, First Cranial

Nerve, Olfactory

Nerves, First Cranial

Nerves, Olfactory

Olfactoria, Fila

Olfactorias, Fila

Olfactory Fila

Olfactory Filas

Olfactory Nerves

The 1st cranial nerve. The olfactory nerve conveys the sense of smell. It is formed by the axons of OLFACTORY RECEPTOR NEURONS which project from the olfactory epithelium (in the nasal epithelium) to the OLFACTORY BULB.