Optic Chiasm


Chiasm, Optic

Chiasma Opticum

Chiasma Opticums

Chiasma, Optic

Chiasmas, Optic

Chiasms, Optic

Decussation, Optic

Decussations, Optic

Optic Chiasma

Optic Chiasmas

Optic Chiasms

Optic Decussation

Optic Decussations

Opticum, Chiasma

Opticums, Chiasma

The X-shaped structure formed by the meeting of the two optic nerves. At the optic chiasm the fibers from the medial part of each retina cross to project to the other side of the brain while the lateral retinal fibers continue on the same side. As a result each half of the brain receives information about the contralateral visual field from both eyes.