Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasms


Cancer, Otorhinolaryngeal

Cancers, Otorhinolaryngeal

Neoplasm, Ootorhinolaryngeal

Neoplasm, Otorhinolaryngologic

Neoplasm, Otorhinolaryngological

Neoplasms, Ootorhinolaryngeal

Neoplasms, Otorhinolaryngologic

Neoplasms, Otorhinolaryngological

Ootorhinolaryngeal Neoplasm

Ootorhinolaryngeal Neoplasms

Otorhinolaryngeal Cancer

Otorhinolaryngeal Cancers

Otorhinolaryngologic Neoplasm

Otorhinolaryngological Neoplasm

Otorhinolaryngological Neoplasms

A general concept for tumors or cancer of any part of the EAR; the NOSE; the THROAT; and the PHARYNX. It is used when there is no specific heading.