Parovarian Cyst


Cyst, Paratubal

Cyst, Parovarian

Cysts, Paratubal

Cysts, Parovarian

Hydatid Cyst of Morgagni

Hydatid of Morgagni

Morgagni Hydatid

Morgagni Hydatid Cyst

Morgagni Hydatid Cysts

Morgagni Hydatids

Paratubal Cyst

Paratubal Cysts

Parovarian Cysts

A cyst (CYSTS) near the OVARY, derived from anomalies of the FALLOPIAN TUBES or the BROAD LIGAMENT. The paramesonephric type consists of ciliated cells similar to the oviduct epithelium. The mesonephric type consisted of an epithelium with minimally surface structures. They can be found on the thin oviduct (paratubal cysts) or near its fimbriated end (hydatid of Morgagni).