Patched-1 Receptor


PTCH1 Protein

Patched 1 Protein

Patched 1 Receptor

Patched Homolog 1

Patched Homolog-1

Patched Receptor 1

Patched Receptor-1

Patched-1 Protein

Receptor, Patched-1

Receptor-1, Patched

A patched receptor for several HEDGEHOG PROTEINS that associates with the SMOOTHENED RECEPTOR to modulate hedgehog signaling. It is also a TUMOR SUPPRESSOR PROTEIN; mutations in the patched-1 gene are associated with BASAL CELL NEVUS SYNDROME; SQUAMOUS CELL CARCNIOMA of the ESOPHAGUS; trichoepitheliomas, and CARCINOMA, TRANSITIONAL CELL of the URINARY BLADDER.