Patient Handoff


Clinical Handoff

Clinical Handoffs

Clinical Handover

Clinical Handovers

Hand Off, Nursing

Hand Off, Patient

Hand Offs, Nursing

Hand Offs, Patient

Hand Over, Nursing

Hand Over, Patient

Hand Overs, Nursing

Hand Overs, Patient

Handoff, Clinical

Handoff, Nursing

Handoff, Patient

Handoffs, Clinical

Handoffs, Nursing

Handoffs, Patient

Handover, Clinical

Handover, Nursing

Handover, Patient

Handovers, Clinical

Handovers, Nursing

Handovers, Patient

Nursing Hand Off

Nursing Hand Offs

Nursing Hand Over

Nursing Hand Overs

Nursing Handoff

Nursing Handoffs

Nursing Handover

Nursing Handovers

Patient Hand Off

Patient Hand Offs

Patient Hand Over

Patient Hand Overs

Patient Handoffs

Patient Handover

Patient Handovers

Patient Sign Out

Patient Sign Outs

Patient Signout

Patient Signouts

Patient Signover

Patient Signovers

Sign Out, Patient

Sign Outs, Patient

Signout, Patient

Signouts, Patient

Signover, Patient

Signovers, Patient

The transferring of patient care responsibility from one health-care professional to another.