PDZ Domains


DHR Domain

DHR Domains

DLG Homology Repeats Domains

Domain, DHR

Domain, GLGF Repeats

Domain, PDZ

Domain, PDZ Interaction

Domain, PSD95-DLG-ZO1

Domains, DHR

Domains, GLGF Repeats

Domains, PDZ

Domains, PDZ Interaction

Domains, PSD95-DLG-ZO1

GLGF Repeats Domain

GLGF Repeats Domains

Interaction Domain, PDZ

Interaction Domains, PDZ

PDZ Domain

PDZ Interaction Domain

PDZ Interaction Domains

PSD95 DLG ZO1 Domains

PSD95-DLG-ZO1 Domain

PSD95-DLG-ZO1 Domains

Repeats Domain, GLGF

Repeats Domains, GLGF

Protein interaction domains of about 70-90 amino acid residues, named after a common structure found in PSD-95, Discs Large, and Zona Occludens 1 proteins. PDZ domains are involved in the recruitment and interaction of proteins, and aid the formation of protein scaffolds and signaling networks. This is achieved by sequence-specific binding between a PDZ domain in one protein and a PDZ motif in another protein.