Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Organ Prolapse, Pelvic

Organ Prolapses, Pelvic

Pelvic Organ Prolapses

Prolapse, Pelvic Organ

Prolapse, Urogenital

Prolapse, Vaginal Vault

Prolapses, Pelvic Organ

Prolapses, Urogenital

Prolapses, Vaginal Vault

Urogenital Prolapse

Urogenital Prolapses

Vaginal Vault Prolapse

Vaginal Vault Prolapses

Vault Prolapse, Vaginal

Vault Prolapses, Vaginal

Abnormal descent of a pelvic organ resulting in the protrusion of the organ beyond its normal anatomical confines. Symptoms often include vaginal discomfort, DYSPAREUNIA; URINARY STRESS INCONTINENCE; and FECAL INCONTINENCE.