Peptide Chain Termination, Translational


Biosynthesis Termination, Protein

Chain Termination, Peptide, Translational

Genetic Translation Termination

Protein Biosynthesis Termination

Protein Chain Termination, Translational

Protein Translation Termination

Protein Translational Termination

Termination, Genetic Translation

Termination, Protein Biosynthesis

Termination, Protein Translation

Termination, Protein Translational

Translation Termination, Genetic

Translation Termination, Protein

Translational Peptide Chain Termination

Translational Termination, Protein

A process of GENETIC TRANSLATION whereby the terminal amino acid is added to a lengthening polypeptide. This termination process is signaled from the MESSENGER RNA, by one of three termination codons (CODON, TERMINATOR) that immediately follows the last amino acid-specifying CODON.