Pharmacological and Toxicological Phenomena and Processes


Pharmacologic and Toxicologic Phenomena

Pharmacological and Toxicological Concepts

Pharmacological and Toxicological Phenomena

Pharmacotoxicologic Phenomena

Pharmacotoxicologic Phenomenon

Pharmacotoxicological Phenomena

Pharmacotoxicological Phenomenon

Phenomena, Pharmacotoxicologic

Phenomena, Pharmacotoxicological

Phenomena, Toxicopharmacological

Phenomenon, Pharmacotoxicologic

Phenomenon, Pharmacotoxicological

Phenomenon, Toxicopharmacological

Toxicopharmacological Phenomena

Toxicopharmacological Phenomenon

The properties and processes of drug, toxin, and poison metabolism, and their interactions and effects on biological systems. Toxicological phenomena also include the adverse effects of physical phenomena such as RADIATION and NOISE.