Pierre Robin Syndrome


Glossoptosis, Micrognathia, and Cleft Palate

Pierre Robin Sequence

Pierre Robin's Sequence

Pierre Robins Sequence

Pierre-Robin Syndrome

Robin Sequence

Robin Syndrome, Pierre

Sequence, Pierre Robin

Sequence, Pierre Robin's

Sequence, Robin

Syndrome, Pierre Robin

Syndrome, Pierre-Robin

Congenital malformation characterized by MICROGNATHIA or RETROGNATHIA; GLOSSOPTOSIS and CLEFT PALATE. The mandibular abnormalities often result in difficulties in sucking and swallowing. The syndrome may be isolated or associated with other syndromes (e.g., ANDERSEN SYNDROME; CAMPOMELIC DYSPLASIA). Developmental mis-expression of SOX9 TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR gene on chromosome 17q and its surrounding region is associated with the syndrome.