Pituitary Hormone-Releasing Hormones


Hormone, Hypothalamic Hypophysiotropic

Hormones, Hypophysiotropic

Hormones, Pituitary Hormone Releasing

Hypophysiotropic Hormone, Hypothalamic

Hypophysiotropic Hormones

Hypothalamic Hypophysiotropic Hormone

Hypothalamic Releasing Factor

Hypothalamic Releasing Hormone

Hypothalamic Releasing Hormones

Pituitary Hormone Releasing Hormones

Releasing Hormone, Hypothalamic

Peptides, natural or synthetic, that stimulate the release of PITUITARY HORMONES. They were first isolated from the extracts of the HYPOTHALAMUS; MEDIAN EMINENCE; PITUITARY STALK; and NEUROHYPOPHYSIS. In addition, some hypophysiotropic hormones control pituitary cell differentiation, cell proliferation, and hormone synthesis. Some can act on more than one pituitary hormone.