Plyometric Exercise


Cycle Exercise, Stretch-Shortening

Cycle Exercises, Stretch-Shortening

Drill, Plyometric

Drill, Stretch-Shortening

Drills, Plyometric

Drills, Stretch-Shortening

Exercise, Plyometric

Exercise, Stretch-Shortening

Exercise, Stretch-Shortening Cycle

Exercises, Plyometric

Exercises, Stretch-Shortening

Exercises, Stretch-Shortening Cycle

Plyometric Drill

Plyometric Drills

Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric Training

Plyometric Trainings

Stretch Shortening Cycle Exercise

Stretch Shortening Drill

Stretch Shortening Exercise

Stretch-Shortening Cycle Exercise

Stretch-Shortening Cycle Exercises

Stretch-Shortening Drill

Stretch-Shortening Drills

Stretch-Shortening Exercise

Stretch-Shortening Exercises

Training, Plyometric

Trainings, Plyometric

Exercises in which muscles are repeatedly and rapidly stretched, followed by shortening, concentric MUSCLE CONTRACTION (e.g. jumping and rebounding). They are designed to exert maximal force in minimal time by increasing STRETCH REFLEX.