Airocele, Cranial

Airoceles, Cranial

Cranial Airocele

Cranial Airoceles

Cranial Pneumocyst

Cranial Pneumocysts

Epidural Pneumocephalus

Gas, Intracranial

Intracranial Gas

Pneumocephalus, Epidural

Pneumocephalus, Pressure

Pneumocephalus, Tension

Pneumocephalus, Traumatic

Pneumocyst, Cranial

Pneumocysts, Cranial

Pressure Pneumocephalus

Tension Pneumocephalus

Traumatic Pneumocephalus

Presence of air or gas within the intracranial cavity (e.g., epidural space, subdural space, intracerebral, etc.) which may result from traumatic injuries, fistulous tract formation, erosions of the skull from NEOPLASMS or infection, NEUROSURGICAL PROCEDURES, and other conditions.