Polynucleotide 5'-Hydroxyl-Kinase


5' Hydroxylpolynucleotide Kinase

5'-Hydroxyl Kinase, Polynucleotide

5'-Hydroxyl-Kinase, Polynucleotide

5'-Hydroxylkinase, DNA

5'-Hydroxylpolynucleotide Kinase

ATP:5'-dephosphopolynucleotide 5'-phosphotransferase

DNA 5' Hydroxylkinase

DNA 5'-Hydroxylkinase

DNA Kinase

Hydroxykinase, Polynucleotide

Hydroxylkinase, Polynucleotide

Kinase, 5'-Hydroxylpolynucleotide

Kinase, DNA

Kinase, Polynucleotide

Kinase, Polynucleotide 5'-Hydroxyl

Polynucleotide 5' Hydroxyl Kinase

Polynucleotide 5'-Hydroxyl Kinase

Polynucleotide Hydroxykinase

Polynucleotide Hydroxylkinase

Polynucleotide Kinase

An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a phosphate group to the 5'-terminal hydroxyl groups of DNA and RNA. EC