Pregnancy-Specific beta 1-Glycoproteins


1-Glycoproteins, Pregnancy-Specific beta






Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein B

Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein C

Pregnancy Protein, SP1

Pregnancy Specific beta 1 Globulin

Pregnancy Specific beta 1 Glycoprotein

Pregnancy Specific beta 1 Glycoproteins

Pregnancy Specific beta-1 Glycoprotein

Pregnancy Specific beta1-Glycoprotein.

Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein B

Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein C

Pregnancy-Associated beta-Plasma Protein

Pregnancy-Specific beta 1-Glycoprotein

Pregnancy-Specific beta-1 Globulin

Protein, SP1 Pregnancy

SP1 Pregnancy Protein

Schwangerschaftsprotein 1

Trophoblast Specific beta 1 Glycoprotein

Trophoblast-Specific beta 1-Globulin

Trophoblast-Specific beta 1-Glycoprotein

Trophoblast-Specific beta-1 Glycoprotein

Trophoblastic beta 1-Glycoprotein

Trophoblastic beta Globulin

Trophoblastic beta(1)-Globulin

Trophoblastic beta-Globulin

beta 1 Globulin, Trophoblast Specific

beta 1-Globulin, Trophoblast-Specific

beta 1-Glycoprotein, Pregnancy-Specific

beta 1-Glycoproteins, Pregnancy-Specific

beta-1 Globulin, Pregnancy-Specific

beta-1 Glycoprotein, Trophoblast-Specific

beta-Globulin, Trophoblastic

Glycoproteins with the electrophoretic mobility of BETA-GLOBULINS, secreted by the placental TROPHOBLASTS into the maternal bloodstream during PREGNANCY. They can be detected 18 days after OVULATION and reach 200 mg/ml at the end of pregnancy. They are associated with fetal well-being.